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Law Office of Mirka Nakovski - Washington State Bar Association Member
Law Office of Mirka Nakovski - American Immigration Lawyers Association Member
Mirka Nakovski - Law School at St. Mary\
Mirka Nakovski - University of Texas in San Antonio Business Degree Graduate
Mirka E. Nakovski has practiced law in the State of Washington since 1992.

Mirka Nakovski She is a member of the following professional associations:

  1. Washington State and Snohomish County Bar Associations
  2. Washington State and Snohomish County Bar Association's Family Law Sections
  3. American Immigration Lawyers Association
Her practice concentrates on two main areas:
  1. Family Law and Domestic Relations
  2. Immigration
Mirka E. Nakovski obtained her law degree from St. Mary's University School of Law in San Antonio, Texas. She also has a Business degree from the University of Texas in San Antonio, TX. Throughout her entire profession career, Ms. Nakovski has strived to always be current on the latest legal developments in her areas of practice. She has completed and continues to attend numerous trainings and seminars relating to Family Law and Immigration.

Ms. Nakovski provides competent legal services in the areas of marriage dissolution, marriage annulment, petitions for establishment and disestablishment of paternity, and adoptions. She assists clients with child support and enforcement issues, parenting plans, and division of property and liabilities. She conducts careful and through investigation to discover hidden and undisclosed parties' property. She has experience litigating child custody issues in multi-jurisdictional context.

Ms. Nakovski is experienced with cases involving allegations of domestic violence, substance abuse, sexual misconduct, and other cases that often involved a court-ordered guardian ad litem.

Ms. Nakovski is compassionate, professional, and always considers her clients' interests as her paramount goal. She is people-oriented, with excellent organizational and analytical skills. She pays attention to detail and offers competent assessment of property-related disputes. She is a skilled investigator, persuasive writer, and a dedicated advocate.

She zealously represents her clients in court, in mediation, settlement conferences, and before various administrative authorities. She is prompt in responding to her clients' concerns and listens carefully. She always has her clients' best interests in mind.